◘ How To Clean Our Hats ◘

◘ How To Clean Our Hats ◘

◌ Time to clean those summer hats ◌

Summer is approaching so it's time to get outside. And it's time to dig out your summer wardrobe. A hat is your best friend while you're spending the day at the convention, using it for bikini cosplays, or simply relaxing by the pool. It keeps the sun out of your eyes while also making you look good.

As you use your cap this summer, it will quickly become dusty, discolored, and sweaty. So, let's talk about how to maintain it fresh and tidy. So, whatever hat you pick, you may appear beautiful and clean while soaking up the sunshine!

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Hats & Headwear - Son Goku Cap (Black)

To begin, rinse your hat in the sink to remove any extra dirt. Fill your sink halfway with cool water and add one tablespoon of washing detergent. Scrub any discolored or excessively dirty areas in tiny, circular strokes with your scrubbing toothbrush dipped in the detergent mixture.

Next, soak your hat for 5 to 10 minutes in the sink. Rinse the cap well until there are no more suds in the water.

When you're finished, place your hat in the cap washer to keep its form while it dries. Alternatively, gather a breathable cloth (such as mesh) and tuck it into your hat. This acts in the same manner as a cap washer does to keep the form of your hat.

If you use a towel or non-breathable fabric, the water will be absorbed and your hat will not dry correctly.

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Hats & Headwear - Demon Slayer Netzuko Bucket Hat

Bucket hats are making a return this summer, or so I've noticed on Instagram, and that's we have our Collection constantly updated!  And, fortunately for bucket hat fans, they're very simple to clean. They may be washed in the same manner as baseball caps, but as far as I know, bucket hats do not have a cap washer.

The majority of bucket hats may be washed in the washing machine. I would recommend washing them in a mesh laundry bag for added protection. Pay heed to the laundry recommendations for your hat, but generally, you'll wash it in cold water on a gentle cycle. As always, I choose a mild, fragrance-free detergent.

Don't put your bucket hat in the dryer after the cycle has ended. High temperatures can destroy it. Instead, wrap a breathable cloth around the interior of the hat to keep it in shape as it dries.

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Hats & Headwear - One Piece Monkey D. Luffy Yellow Hat

Straw sun hats are ideal for reading a book on the beach. But odds are, you haven't used it since last summer. This implies that, in addition to filth, dust is most likely present in all of the nooks and crannies of the straw. So we'll need a soft-bristled brush, two light-colored microfiber cloths, one teaspoon of dish soap, and a straw-safe cleanser.

Let's start with the dust. Using a microfiber cloth, remove any loose debris and dust. Make certain that the material you're using for this entire procedure is white or extremely light in color. Colored clothing can cause colored lint to become entangled in the straw. Then, using a soft-bristled brush, remove the dust from the grain of the hat.

When washing your straw hat, you should use as little water as possible. If your hat just needs a little cleaning once the dust has been cleaned, use a straw-safe cleaner. First, test the cleaner in an inconspicuous spot, such as beneath the brim, or near the interior. Working in tiny, circular movements along the grain of the hat, apply a teaspoon of cleanser to your microfiber cloth. To finish, use a second dry microfiber cloth to sweep away any excess cleaner.

Fill a basin with warm water and one teaspoon of dish soap for a more badly soiled straw hat. Dampen but do not saturate your white cloth in the mixture, then try on an inconspicuous location once again.

Continue cleaning the entire hat in circular movements if the straw does not curl or respond in any way. When you're through, lightly wipe the straw with a moist microfiber cloth (just water). And your fashionable sun hat is as good as new.

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Hats & Headwear - One Piece Trafalgar D. Water Law Hat

You can wash your white hat using the procedures in the preceding parts of this guide, but stain removal will most likely require some extra care. White clothing is almost often stained. There is no way around it. So having a strategy in place can assist you in keeping your white hat looking excellent throughout summer.

If you have a stain on a straw hat, you will need to use a straw-specific product and follow the directions. However, this is ideal for stained baseball caps and bucket hats.
Begin by filling your sink halfway with cold water. Then, add one scoop of oxygen bleach to the mixture. Soak your white hat in the mixture for 20 minutes before washing it regularly, either in the washing machine or manually.

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Hats & Headwear - One Piece Tony Tony Chopper

You're ready to face the sun, whether you're wearing a baseball cap, a bucket hat, or a sun hat! Always read the fabric care label before putting your baseball cap or bucket hat in the washing machine, and test a spot of cleaner before applying it to the full straw hat. When in hesitation, hand cleaning is always a good idea.


And that's it! You're ready to go to the beach now that your headwear is at its finest!

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