☑ How to Clean Your Enamel Pins ☑

☑ How to Clean Your Enamel Pins ☑

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Here at Cute Anime Store, we have a lot of enamel pins, however, a common question we get is, "How can I clean my enamel pins?"

Since the majority of our pins are metal plated, they may tarnish with time. The tiny layer of corrosion that the metal's outermost layer is undergoing appears to be darkening the metal's color. Although it is difficult to totally prevent, this process can be postponed by keeping your pins clean and storing them in an airtight container. They are simple to clean if they do get rusty.

As you can see from the picture, a clean pin would look like this Pochita Pin from our Chainsaw-man Collection.

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When you start using them they start getting rusty. Simply touching the pin with your fingertips can occasionally solve slight tarnishing problems because finger oil has the ability to dissolve the tarnish layer.

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You can clean your pin with silver polish and a soft cotton cloth if the tarnishing is more severe. I spent roughly $3.50 on a special jeweler's cloth that was coated in silver polish to clean mine, and it did a great job! It lasts a very long time and possibly costs less than purchasing an entire tin of silver polish.

Follow this simple step: Rub the pin with the cloth to get rid of the tarnished spots. You can also remove the tarnish from the back, but I never do since only I can see it.

 It appears brand new again! See? Very simple ❤

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