About Us

❣ Welcome ❣

We are a small business looking to provide a wide variety of accessories from videogames/anime/tv & series and also some props that you can use in your everyday life. Not only that! We are preparing a line of clothes inspired by your favorite characters and series.

We offer a broad range of colors, styles, and accessories, which are easy to style and good quality, so we can meet every customer's expectations.

We just started! So if there are any special requests or items you don't see in our store, please contact us! We are always open to feedback and improvement. So if there is any issue with an item's quality, please contact me!

Take a look around and explore the store! If you are a cosplayer or content creator, please leave your information below since we are always open to collab and give promotions to your followers ♡

⁂ I hope you enjoy my cute store ⁂