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Movie Poster Style Stickers - Mix Anime (50pcs)

Movie Poster Style Stickers - Mix Anime (50pcs)

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❣ Beautiful Anime Mix, Movie Poster Style ❣

Item Specification (not glow in the dark)

☾ Collection: Sticker, Anime.

☾ Quantity: 50 approx.

☾ Item Type: Stickers

☾ Material: PVC

Diameter: 4CM-7CM

Height: 1.1mm

Width: 4CM-7CM

☾ Inspiration: Anime Series - Jujutsu Kaisen/Attack on Titan/Demon Slayer/Promised Neverland/Dragon Ball/Sakura Card Captor/Full Metal Alchemist

☾ Gender: Unisex

*Not Official Merch*
*Photos for Illustration, Stickers May Vary*

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